TEDx Talk

Using world leaders as examples, in this engaging and funny TEDx Talk Lisette Schuitemaker shares powerful insights into how our place in the birth order forms and shapes us – and how we can avoid the birth order blind spot. Her talk ends with 3 tips on how to navigate family gatherings and have a great time with our siblings.

Family & Relationships Finalist

The Eldest Daughter Effect has been named a Family & Relationships finalist in Foreword Reviews’ 2016 #ForewordINDIES Book of the Year Awards. In a competition with over 1500 other entrants, it’s pretty great to have made it this far. Fingers crossed for the winner announcements at the end of June.

Emotions Matter Podcast

Entrepreneurs, Scientists and Experts share their thoughts on emotions, life, work, society and well-being on Emotions Matter Podcast. In this episode Lisette Schuitemaker talks about How your role in the Family affects your personal an professional life. Read the whole item here.

Interview met The Telegraph

Am I more successful because I’m the eldest child?

Dr Ana Nuevo-Chiquero, from the University of Edinburgh team that led the study, said: “As the household gets bigger, [parents’] time has to be split with younger children, so they miss out on the advantage of being an only child for a time. “It doesn’t mean firstborns get more love – that stays the same.

Radio interview - Breakfast with Erica

Na een loopbaan bij de radio werd Erica Longdon healer. Ze werkt met klank en met engelen. Dat alles combineert ze in haar radioshows op 12Listen, met nog altijd die prachtige stem en die boeiende vragen. Ik zat onlangs aan haar virtuele ontbijttafel bij ‘Breakfast with Erica’.

Luister mijn virtuele Breakfast with Erica in dit radio-interview vanaf minuut 21!

Interview met Passie pensioneert nooit

Lees hier het interview met Passie Pensioneert Nooit. Dit initiatief wil laten zien hoe creatieve ondernemers en professionals in de tweede helft van hun leven werk maken van waar zij van houden en waar ze nooit van willen pensioneren.

Lees het hier!

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